Sha Tai Chi Chuan


Sonja Schillo


Sha Family Tai Chi Chuan was created by Sha Guozheng (1904-1992), from Wendeng, Shandong province. From a early age Sha studied Shaolin from with grandfather and went on to train in Bagua with Wang Zhezheng. As a youth Sha, studied Tongbei with Liu Gaungxing and later Xingyi with Zhai Shuzhen, a student of Zhang Zhaodong.

Sha later furthered his  Xingyi and Bagua with Sun Lutang.


Sonja Schillo has studied Chinese martial arts since 2000 and has also studied Sinology and Cultural Anthropology. She is a close student of Sha Jun Jie and Li Bin and a member of the Sha family. Her favourite disciplines are Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Tongbeiquan which she studies along with Angela Menzel, her closest colleague and teacher where they run the Tai Chi Schule Göttingen, Germany.